Family Updates

Mark and Kim

Just prior to Christmas, Mark and Kim transitioned from Armenia, where they have been for 13 years, to Madrid, Spain. As a 9 year old, Kim received her call to missions during the Easter celebration service in Madrid. Now, as an adult with children of her own, she and Mark will be working with the Salem group of churches in biblical and theological education and family ministries. Mark also acts as Eurasia region’s Education coordinator and Kim is responsible for Member Care in the region.

Jordan lives in New York and works as an architect for Toshiko Mori. The community arts center he designed during his Harvard studies has since become a reality in the village of Sintian, Senegal close to the border of Mali. Jordan 02As a pro-bono project, it hStitched Panoramaas won a number of awards both nationally and internationally for the original design and the integration of local materials and building techniques. Along with photographers, journalists and others in the architectural team, Jordan will be present for the inauguration in early March.

Steph Dustin June 2014In August Dustin and Stephanie realized their dream to move from Philadelphia and relocate in Seattle, the beautiful North West. The mild winter has meant that they are hiking instead of snowshoeing, but still loving their exploration of the gorgeous area! Stephanie works as a nurse practitioner with a specialty in Geriatrics. Dustin continues with CB Richard Ellis in a contracted position as a financial analyst and leads a team of program developers on an innovative project for the company.

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