Missions Fest Vancouver

Missions Fest Vancouver takes place during the last weekend of January. Along with general sessions, seminars and the film festival, over 200 booths from national and international mission groups are featured. “Under the Sails” at Canada Place, hundreds of people browse through the Exhibit Hall and Dan and I have the unique privilege of speaking with them as they pass through the Sunday Line booth.

Misssions Fest 2015 085Throughout the weekend, we look for those interactions where you feel you are making an eternal investment in someone’s life. One Grade 10 student came up to the booth excitedly on Friday evening, “I’ve been looking for you. I knew you would be here again this year. This is the most fun booth!” The young lady then proceeded to talk about how the speaker of the youth session helped her to realize, that, though she may not be the most intelligent or the most talented, yet God still has a significant place of service for her.

Saturday evening a young adult approached the booth, seemingly uninterested in what we were all about. When I began to present to her the various ways in which she could work with our mission partners to fulfill her dream, she came alive with enthusiasm.

Saturday Afternoon Highlight

The Watoto choir is known for their excellence and their enthusiasm is infectious. As the children visited our booth for a short while Saturday afternoon, people crowded the surrounding aisles to hear them. “Put your hope in God,” they encouraged us all before they sang, “Put your hope in His unfailing love.”

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