Sunday Line Fellowship: Church in the Park

Though our usual time in Romania has been delayed this year, we have used the extra month to move forward the process of affiliating the ministry arm of Sunday Line Communications with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Two years ago, a group began in our home, grew into Pastor Roman and Pat Kozak’s home and then moved to the Sunnyside Community Hall in Bakerview Park of South Surrey, BC.

Sunday Line is the ongoing legacy of founders Bernice Gerard and Velma Chapman and continues their mission to “Care for Children Around the World”. International partners include Frank Juelich and Huldah Buntain in India, Watoto in Uganda, Beverley Sumrall and the feeding programs in Manila, boy’s prison camps in Russia with Great Commission Media and, locally here in Surrey, with the Metro Kids bus ministry.

Prayer: Please pray with us as we actively look for another couple to come alongside Roman, Pat and ourselves to bring a younger dynamic as well as to develop connections in the community that would grow the ministry.

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