Dan’s Thoughts: Joseph, a fruitful vine

One of my favourite mission verses is found in Genesis 49:22 where Jacob says of Joseph, ‘’Joseph is a fruitful vine, a vine near a well whose branches run over a wall.’’ As Christians we all want to be fruitful for our Lord. And for me, in particular, the last 6 words of the verse, ‘’…whose branches run over a wall,’’ has always meant, leaving Canada again, going towards another opportunity for ministry in another country. For 29 years we have been going to Spain and 20 years to Romania so we eagerly look forward to these next months.

We leave for Bucharest April 15th to work with Cristi Soimaru and the International Church. May 11th through June 6th we’ll be working with the Salem group of churches ministering in the Canary Islands, Aviles in the Northwest and Sesena, just south of Madrid.

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