Island of Tenerife, Spain

I have long been fascinated with the many verses in the Bible that talk about ‘the islands of the sea’ and ‘they who go down to the sea’. Such was my recent assignment to visit Pastor Juan Jose, his family, and the Salem church on the island of Tenerife. Mardie and I had the privilege to work with them 3 and 1/2 years ago when they met in their neighbour’s garage. Now they have a functional facility and have planted the first evangelical church in a region of some 50,000 people.

Just after I arrived Juan Jose said to me, “Thank you for coming to visit us, you haven’t forgotten us!” How those words grab my heart and emotions and affirm our purpose here in Spain. Pastor Juan Jose and I talked 2-3 times a day, heart to heart, on ministry related matters. We shared together while eating some of the typical local foods and stood in awe of God’s great creation while viewing this beautiful and unique volcanic island.

After church on Sunday morning Pastor Juan Jose’s wife, Damaris, served a fine Spanish rice and seafood paella dinner to a group of 40 who stayed behind to eat, talk, and share together. A young lady and her mother came to sit at a table with me and asked, “How can I pray for my brother?” I shared such verses with her as Ezekiel 22:30 about how we can stand in the gap and intercede for him. What a privilege to answer questions that show a hunger in peoples’ lives and a concern for others. Who wouldn’t stay all day to help people who are looking for answers? It makes it all worthwhile!


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