Watoto congregationFalls Return Kampala 139

From March 12-22, representing Sunday Line Communications, Dan and I along with friends and co-worker, Linda and Jamie, visited Watoto ministries in Uganda.

As we visited the church in Kampala, the villages and centers and viewed the sustainability projects throughout Uganda, we experienced first-hand the commitment of the Watoto family, the unity of vision, their passion for excellent, Christ centered service to rescue, raise and rebuild.  Our own lives have been enriched and challenged and forever changed!

The Watoto Church located in the heart of Kampala was once a place for torture; evidence still on the walls and floors when Pastor Gary first viewed the building. However, rather than see the despair, he saw the potential for a new place of hope and vision: rescue, raise, rebuild. The vision has been captured by the leaders of small groups, directors of departments, of the baby, children and women’s centers and by the 8000 congregants attending the 5 services each Saturday and Sunday. Healing and transformation has been brought to the city and the nation as each one has reached out and touched others with the love of Jesus.  (photo of Watoto congregation)


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