‘Back To’ or ‘Forward Towards’?

This season of time is often referred to as “back to school” and implies a return to routine, a return to normally scheduled activities. I’d like to re-phrase the term to “forward towards” as we are shifting forward towards a routine that is yet to be determined, to scheduled activities that are yet to be restructured and redefined.

Though our ministry style is to walk alongside and work together, bring presence, support, encouragement, and strength, we are in the process of learning to be content working from a distance. This is certainly not our preferred choice but the best we can do during this fall season while we wait and consider the next possibilities.

Value for Risk

Talking with a fellow Canadian-based Global Worker, he introduced the term ‘value for risk’ into our conversation. We have been advised from Romania that it is still not wise to be in the country this fall. Their COVID-19 cases are increasing daily, their hospitals are at capacity and they have not yet entered the expected 2nd wave. Not only would we be putting ourselves at risk of contracting COVID, but also increasing the risk of our friends and colleagues who would be meeting with us and helping provide for our needs while there. Interactions are still limited and primarily taking place on-line, so the value we would bring is limited for the risk it would entail.

Peace of Heart and Mind

My ‘go-to’ verse for meditation during the last months has been from Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God… will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

To experience that peace of heart and mind and to offset all the uncertainties of present realities, I’ve been intentional to remind myself:

“Whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely; whatever is of good repute, of excellence and worthy of praise, think on these things!”

(vs8, my paraphrase)

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