Invest in People – Invest in Eternity

Why have we adopted this motto? Why do we focus so much attention on the character and spiritual development of individuals? Because that investment will be multiplied many times over, in numerous and creative ways and then extended around the globe!

Our recent 20 day ministry trip to Bucharest confirms this principle. During that time we had 42 different meetings with individuals and groups to show that we do believe in them. We met with those of the younger generation who are grappling with life choices, searching to discover the purpose God has for them and how they can make a difference in their community and nation. We met with young adults taking on more responsibility in ministry areas as they teach, direct, lead and strategically work together. We met with people who are preparing to get married and those who are now beginning to raise their own families. And, we remembered so many who have moved outside of Romania, across Europe, back to their birth land in Africa, Asia or to North and South America where they are involved in areas of ministry.

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