This August we were privileged to come alongside our Global Worker colleagues in Switzerland and the Ukraine. The health and well-being of our Global Workers is primary as they are the ‘hands on the ground’ through which ministry activity flows.

Basel, Switzerland

Rhonda & David

David and Rhonda Fortune have done a great job pastoring the Crossroads International Church in Basel for the last 5 years, bringing it from a place of disorder to a place of stability, growth, and health. We were able to meet many of their key people from a large variety of international settings as the congregation celebrated ‘back-to-school’ with an indoor barbecue following their Sunday morning service.

L’Viv, Ukraine

Paul and JoanaPaul and Joana Lasante teach at the Bible College in L’Viv and provide pastoral mentorship to the students during their studies and after they graduate and return to their towns and villages. Just over a year ago Paul and Joana adopted 2 brothers of Ukrainian descent, Sasha and Dima. Not only have they faced the challenges of becoming new parents but of learning to guide two young boys who have never experienced the stability of a healthy family life during their formative years. The boys are already becoming conversant in English, are developing their athletic and manual skills, and are settling into the routines of a loving and responsible family. Our highlight was caring for the boys so that Paul and Joana could have a break – an afternoon and evening of relaxation and conversation with each other, their first in many months.
PidirneSOnce we discovered how close we were to the town and village area where Dan’s maternal grandmother and grandfather grew up, Paul and Joana were kind enough to take us for an excursion to see the area and meet some of the local residents who remembered when the ‘German-speaking families’ had once lived in the village.

Kiev, Ukraine

Ryan and AshleyRyan and Ashley Salomon have just relocated from L’Viv to Kiev and it is a new beginning for them as they focus on language learning, find stability and significance for their family, and prepare a foundation for their time of future ministry geared towards the youth of the nation.
Aaron and Katya Pilon show strong leadership as they develop Bible Studies, programs and outreaches to grow the University Campus ministry based from the International Church in Kiev. We spoke to this student group on ‘Calling’ and most came forward for prayer desirous to know and follow God’s purposes for their lives.

Aaron & KatyaKatya, a new doctor, toured us through the refugee center. It was obvious, as the mothers gathered around her, that she brings much appreciated medical aid, advice and friendship.

Two of Aaron’s summer interns have spent significant time in the war-torn area of the Crimean, discovering the needs of the families who have suffered death and hunger, bringing in needed supplies and helping them to find hope in Christ even as their neighborhoods are being bombarded by rockets and missiles. Even in this atmosphere, new churches are being planted!

Ukrainian Independence Day took place the Monday we were with Aaron and Katya. Along with some 300,000 others, many dressed in their national costumes, marching and carrying the Ukrainian flag, we walked the main street of Kiev as they grieved the losses of their dead and demonstrated loyalty to their nation in the midst of turmoil.

Pizza Party

Canadian Recycling and Pizza

Psalm 23

Thanks to the funds Dan collects from recycling in BC, the girls at the human trafficking shelter 2 hours from Bucharest, are able to enjoy a very fine pizza lunch rather than their usual “ciorba” or sour soup. One young lady represented the restoration God is bringing to her life by drawing a visual of Psalm 23: Jesus leading the sheep along the green pastures and towards the quiet waters.


LidiaNew Family

Facebook ads for the Bucharest International Church produced over 450 inquiries and more than 20,000 viewings in late August. As a result, 4 new families joined us for Sunday morning worship during the English hour. It is a joy as well to receive visits from those who were once a part of our congregation and are now living in other places of the world. Lidia, our youngest daughter’s friend during High School years, is now a mother living in London and still passionately walking with God.

Pastor CristiIt was timely for Dan to be in Bucharest during late August and the beginning of September this year. It gave him excellent time with Pastor Cristi as he transitioned back to the city after his summer break. The personal and prayer times are always motivational and include pastoral conversations on many ‘heart-to-heart’ issues.


  • Pray with us that the children in the families we have visited would do well in this next school year and find friendships and significance in their local settings.
  • Pray that the parents would have wisdom, strength and grace to bring the needed guidance and stability to their family units as they also carry their many ministry responsibilities.
  • Pray for Bucharest International Church as we look forward to officially recognizing young couples in pastoral and church leadership in the fall.
    Our next ministry time in Romania, Turkey and Spain from October 14th – November 25th

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