October 2021

The Bucharest International Church

Anniversary of the Nepalese Church – so very significant!

After one year of meeting together in our facility, the Nepalese Church celebrated their first anniversary. They do know how to celebrate well! Balloons, gifts, decorative scarves for invited guests, commemorative plaques, lively music, a wonderful meal of spicy chicken, vegetables, flat rice, salad and not just one, but two cakes for dessert – the first to celebrate one of the young men on his birthday and the second for the anniversary.

Pastor Cristi has been telling us of the initiation and growth of their church throughout the year. Due to travel restrictions, we obviously have not been able to be a part of their gathering until now. For that reason, it was doubly special to meet the pastors Boaz and Ruth and celebrate with their congregation. And, yes, that is husband and wife with actual birth names – Boaz and Ruth!

Our Introduction to the Nepalese Church Community

As we anticipated the anniversary, we were reminded of other groups that were received and began gathering at the Bucharest International Church before being launched into their own setting: an African group from Nigeria, another from Kenya, children from a group home whose director later built and began a church on their land, the young men and their families from Teen Challenge, a Singaporean group, women from the Philippines. As well, dozens and dozens of other individuals have based in the capital, have received preparation at the International Church for a period of time before finding their place of ministry in other cities and nations around the world.

New Life, New Season

After a year and a half absence in Bucharest, we are viewing the country with fresh eyes, and we are assessing the multiple changes that have taken place both in the city and in the church community due to the continuing effects of the pandemic.

The dedication of baby Noah on Sunday was a reminder of new life, just as there is a new season of ministry to prepare for. Romania is once again instigating further restrictions as the Corona virus numbers increase. We are asking God how to be most effective as we go into this fall season with its cooler temperatures that will limit the use of the outdoor courtyard for the Sunday gatherings.

So Wonderfully Faithful:
The Young and the Not Quite as Young!

Ștefănică and Melina have served the International Church community faithfully over the years. Stefanica first came to the International Church when he was just 13 years old. Throughout the last 15 years he has made a difference: serving with the extensive responsibility of the Sunday set up and take down, accommodating people during ministry activities, participating on the worship team, and now, with the great need for technology, working with the IT team. Combined with Melina’s passion for children’s ministry, they are a great couple, and we are so thankful for their willing hearts and abilities to help as needed.

Alexandru and Ileana, initially followers of the great national hero Richard Wurmbrand, have served in the Bucharest International Church for more than 20 years. They have held weekly bible studies both in their home and on Sunday mornings, they have visited and cared for youth and seniors alike and serve as elders on the church council. Ileana is a famous and accomplished actor in theatre around the country and internationally recognized. Both in their 80’s, they have been pillars supporting the church community with their prayer, their love and their example.

Thank you for praying with us:

  • As Covid cases begin to surge in Eastern Europe and Romania prepares for restrictions, pray that the ministry team will have the insight and wisdom to encourage, strengthen, and positively influence the church community and those they impact.