November 2023

Highlights from Dan’s time with the Bucharest International Church (BIC) in Romania:

Men Can Cook!

Men need to be together, with each other, to talk openly as men about life’s issues, and about their relationship with the Lord. A British breakfast, prepared by Rob from England and Tony from Scotland, was the perfect opportunity to do so. Tony, our gifted worship leader with his rich baritone voice, shared how the Lord patiently pursued him until he finally surrendered his entire life to the Lord.

God’s diverse family is awe-inspiring!

Friday evenings an exciting and dynamic group of international young adults gather at our Activity Center. They come from South Africa, Kenya, America, Java, and recently, more and more are coming from Pakistan. Interacting, communicating, sharing, and listening to them reminds me of how Revelation 7:9 says that one day we will all appear before the Lord, and we will come from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

Seeing this diverse group before my eyes rouses and energizes me as God’s family is breath-taking and awe-inspiring! What an impressive place to invest in God’s kingdom. The impact and fruitfulness reach into the generations and nations of people in a large manner!

Sirens of War in the Ukraine

Sirens of war are still present in the Ukraine. The sounds of rockets still continue. The needs of the Ukrainians taking refuge in our city are still deeply felt and they wear the suffering on their faces. Vera, financed this year by our Emergency Relief and Development Organization (ERDO), continues to represent BIC to meet many of their needs. She listens empathetically to the stories, brings encouragement, guidance, and aid as the refugees assimilate to their new country or make plans to move further west.

Vera noticed that many of the youth were despondent. She began a game’s night at our R10 Activity Center. “They love it,” she said. It is a time to forget their concerns for an evening and interact with other youth in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Two young Ukrainian boys read their picture Bible during their Sunday gathering

The Nepalese group continues to impact their community with life and hope. The church has recently celebrated its third anniversary. They want to begin reaching new areas. This past Sunday, Pastor Boaz asked Dan to preach and challenge them in the area of international missions