November 2020

Bucharest International Church Update:

Transition and then More Transition

During the warm summer and early fall months, chairs, umbrellas and large patio awnings were purchased so that Sunday and mid-size gatherings could take place in the outdoor courtyard setting of R10, our Activity Center. Now, having to move inside because of the cooler weather, only small groups, private lessons, rehearsals and recording for the live streaming of the Sunday services can take place at the Center.

With an alert status declared once more in Romania and Bucharest hospitals at capacity with COVID patients being sent to out-lying cities, on-line platforms continue to be the main way of connection. .

3 Day Sessions with Josiah Venture - Equipping Young Leaders

BIC Tennis Open:

For years Dan has been receiving used tennis balls and racquets from various Vancouver tennis clubs. He has passed those along to eager young players in Romania, Spain, Turkey and across Europe. This year, BIC held a tournament with the winner receiving the beautiful and practical tennis bag that Dan left in March just before we so quickly had to return to Canada due to the escalating pandemic.

Congratulations on your win, David, and your prize!

Mardie’s Thoughts:

I have been meditating lately on the story of Ruth in the Bible. This young woman left behind what she knew and went forward into what was unknown to her. As she entered Bethlehem with Naomi, her mother-in-law, she did what was before her to do – and, as she was faithful in doing what she could do, the way opened up before her and God blessed her faithfulness with great fruitfulness.

There are many things that we cannot do at this time, but I have been challenged to do what it is before me that I can do and believe that new opportunities will open up. Dan, for example, is teaching tennis and connecting, having divine appointments, with his students and the parents of the children – many international – of his classes. Stephanie, our youngest daughter, invited us to do a 3-session spiritual gift’s course (via Zoom) with her home group of young women in the Seattle area. We continue calls and sessions to Romania and Spain and are taking educational courses from our International Mission Center.

We see this same attitude with those we work with in Spain and Romania; they are finding ways to do what is before them, to reach out, minister and bring life.

Time, talent and financial resources: “M” Family Project

BIC joined with the Miseo Dei church to increase and improve the “M” family accommodations so that their children could be brought back home after being removed by Child Protection. For an additional room, a new concrete floor was poured, a wooden wall set up, and supports placed for the new roof. An outdoor bathroom was created and the latest challenge is to find a source of heat before the oncoming winter so the 2 children can be reunited with their parents.

Thank you for praying for:

  1. Bucharest International Church: Wisdom, grace, strength and unity as the leadership brings direction to this winter season.
  2. Iana Matei and Stefan of Reaching Out Romania: Iana is being attacked on all sides - her personal character as well as her ministry operations. Legislative changes that were made are now being revoked and new laws revised to favour the traffickers over the victims. Because Iana, and the non-government networks of which she is a part, have created pressure on the inconsistences and corruption of government, organizations such as the Child Protection Agency have now added personal attacks to undermine her work.