Bucharest International Church

Community Center: So Great!

It has been so gratifying to see the fluidity with which activities can be held in the newly purchased and now renovated community center. Particularly during this warm season, the quiet peace and spring greenery within the courtyard is open and welcoming. One-on-one’s can take place in the shade of the kiosk, tables can be placed over the turf-covered pool for small group Bible study, children can play and young adults can hang-out and connect; it is a place where community is happening.

Growth is Evident!

Rather than the usual Sunday morning service, the English-speaking international group met for a time of connection at the center. It was the younger generation who prepared the tables, led the worship, and so aptly facilitated the small group discussions on being an Ephesians 4 church. During the twice-monthly prayer time, a young lady, serving with the worship team, gained new confidence when she took courage and shared her insightful devotional thoughts.

During the flash and roar of lightning and thunder, some 40 young adults found a way through the down-pour to get to their Friday evening activity. The gathering place was the kitchen where several guys and girls were preparing a super-delicious Mexican meal. It is always a highlight to speak and interact with these bright and accomplished young adults. Their choice of topic for us: “Big Decisions! Hearing God’s Voice.” Discussion and prayer took place as they talked with their friends about the decisions they were needing to make.

“Hooray! Hooray!”

Romanian shouts of ‘Ura! Ura!” and “Justice, Justice” resounded in the major plaza in front of the government offices as Romanians celebrated a momentary victory in the long-standing political corruption. Over the last two years, hundreds of thousands have expressed their frustration in repeated demonstrations against the attempts of politicians to decriminalize corruption offences and weaken the judiciary. This week, Romania’s most powerful politician, Liviu Dragnea, has been sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison after a conviction was upheld by the country’s supreme court. Dragnea’s Social Democratic party has suffered heavy losses and the hope is that continued pressure will bring about the party’s resignation. Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, says the government formed by the PSD has to go! After years of discouragement, there is a cautious hope for some change. There are still multiple hurtles to overcome. Pray with us that further reforms can now be made.

Short interview with Pastor Cristi Șoimaru