June 2019

Reaching Out Romania Update with director Iana Matei

Bucharest to Craiova

Bucharest to Pitesti, 130 km/hour, double lane, divided highway – one of the best roads in Romania. Then, for the next 2-3 hours comes the reality of the undivided single rural roads: constant alertness to see into the dips when passing, attempting to speed by dozens of transport trucks on the 15 passing lanes made available that are found only on uphill grades, around multiple curves and with minute margin for error.

Mardie and Iana, Tired but Happy

Worth the drive? Absolutely!

Iana and son, Stefan, drove the 15 hour round trip from their city of Pitesti to northwest Romania to pick up and bring back the recently purchased lavender distillery. The following afternoon, they drove another 4 hours to deliver the 2 tanks of the distillery to the agricultural land in Craoiva, the southwest of the country. There we met them after our harrowing drive from Bucharest.

It was worth the drive! We wanted to celebrate the arrival of the distillery together! Now, rather than transporting the harvested lavender to the northwest, it can be processed on-site preventing loss and bringing a greater harvest of oil of essence. It is another step forward in working towards greater self-sustainability of the homes for the girls, victims of human trafficking.

Thank you to those who so generously and faithfully contributed to bring this project to reality. When asked how Iana deals with the multiple cares she shoulders, she replied, “It is Jesus. It is God. He is always with me.”

Please pray for a larger team base - more responsible, visionary and knowledgeable people to:

  1. Develop and maintain the present land
  2. Help with the harvest
  3. Bring agricultural and management expertise

Interview with Iana Matei

Interview with Stefan