Guillermo and Ana, pastors of the Salem church in Seseña just south of Madrid, recently moved into a new facility and are now thrilled to better connect with their church members and the neighbouring community. Ana has done a fantastic job to bring life to the renovated warehouse, painting the walls with various scenes of Noah’s ark, creation and underwater seascapes to intrigue the children and parents of the child care and after-school programs. A car wash center out back helps provide additional community contact as well as additional funds. Food distribution and hot meals continue to reach into the community and help immigrant and Spaniard, alike, in Spain’s continuing, depressed economic climate.

The rain in Spain does not fall mainly on the plain!

AGLOW workshop with theme “Be Transformed”

The beautiful northwest area of Spain is verdant with its hills and valleys dotted with red-roofed houses, grazing sheep and cattle against spectacular views of the cliffs and white-capped waves of the Cantabrian Sea. Maxi and Angela have been investing in the community for years with programs for at-risk children, the lonely aged, and women who have experienced multiple trauma – over 100 women die annually in Spain due to spousal violence.

Sunday meal following the house church

Maxi and Angela have just relocated to the town of Piedras Blancas, White Rocks, the pluralized name for where we reside in Canada. Tito and Maria, a mature and capable couple living close by, have joined their home gatherings and will partner with them for what we believe will be the beginning of a stronger and wider church and community base.

A leisurely Sunday afternoon walk along Piedras Blancas beach

Córdoba, Historic City of Andalusia

Dorcas Preparing the Worship Team

In a land known for the fruitfulness of its thousands of olive groves, the spiritual harvest is seen to a much lesser degree. It is always a privilege to come alongside Pastors Paco and Dorcas and Founders Jose and Feli as they faithfully serve the Salem Church in Cordoba, a historic city in the Andalusian area of southern Spain. Along with their congregation, they live out biblical values and bring a message of healthy family living in a city where there are so many ruptured homes.

Cordoba Sunday Morning Worship

Tension and Instability in Barcelona:

From 3 regions of Spain – the northwest, Madrid in the center and Cordoba in the south – we viewed and experienced the atmosphere of instability, tension and division as the Barcelona/Catalan region of north east Spain continues to contest for independence. This illegal, non-constitutional action has brought great uncertainty to those living in Spain as well as in the Catalan Region. Please pray that God could bring peace and a satisfactory resolve to the nation.

Thousands of Spanish flags have been draped on windows and balconies across Spain to show their support of remaining together as one country.

Thousands of Spanish flags have been draped on windows and balconies across Spain to show their support of remaining together as one country

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