Salem MadridMarcos and Conchi Vidal oversee the national Salem ministry in Spain and pastor the large, central church in Madrid. Some 60 home groups spread throughout the city and reach into the metropolitan population of some 6.5 million people.The Salem church’s influence also reaches throughout the Hispanic speaking world through live streaming of their Sunday night services where some 600 to 800 people will be in attendance, a significant number for Spain. Marcos’ pastoral leadership gifts and Christian music ministry as a singer/songwriter over the last 23 years make him one of the most widely recognized leaders throughout the Hispanic speaking world.

Marcos Conchi homeAccording to recent reports, Spain’s economy continues to shrink indicating that their recession is deeper than was initially stated in 2012 official data. In this environment Marcos, Conchi, and their team of pastors and leaders point individuals to Jesus Christ as their solution to Spain’s deep problems.

Dan Sanders Trip June 2013 070The Madrid Salem church has been meeting in a rented facility though they have purchased property on which to build. Money has been saved and set aside for this project and they have sizeable collateral. However, because they are a church, the bank refuses to lend them any finances. This is the challenge our Spanish leaders face in Madrid as they look to build their own multi-purpose facility. This is only a part of the opposition that they have faced for many years. Yet they are moving ahead positively in faith. They are trusting God to provide. Would you pray with them that they would soon receive the 1.5 million Euros or a loan and any ongoing permits that they still need?

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We leave October 20th and throughout November for ministry in Bucharest, Turkey and Madrid. Please pray with us that God’s direction, blessing and confirmation of His word would be with us during these chapters.

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