A Remarkable Event: 8 Bathtub Baptisms

In August I visited the Reaching Out Shelter for victims of human trafficking. Sara*, aged 17, bright, eager and determined, spoke to me of her desire to be water baptized. What a great surprise to visit the house 2 months later and discover that 7 of the other girls in the Shelter had chosen to join her in this great step of declared faith.

Two summers ago, Elena, at the age of 13, worked alongside me as we refurbished the Shelter with new flooring and roofing. Now, at age 15, her excitement was at a high level as she stepped into the tub. Adi, age 24, has a history that is difficult to hear about: beaten by her father then abandoned by him in Cyprus without funds, trafficked in Majorca. As she took her turn to be baptized, I sensed that God has something special for this girl who is creative artistically, shows good understanding and is skilled linguistically.

Bibles given to each girl baptized

Bibles given to each girl baptized

The girls have been welcomed in a church an hour’s drive away where they have finally found the acceptance, support and teaching they need to begin to rebuild their lives. “We love having them in our church,” said Pastor Mihai as we enjoyed cake and goodies following the baptisms. “I wish all believers had their same passion and enthusiasm to learn and express their faith.” (*Girl’s names have been changed to protect their identity)

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