Welcome back, Kathy!

Kathy in BucharestMardie: Kathy Bousquet, from Scarborough, Ontario, joined us in Bucharest for the month of April. She had been an integral part of our PAOC mission and the Bucharest International Church ministry, so, after more than seven years, it was great to have her working with the team once again.

Mardie SeminarKathy and I co-taught a seminar for the BIC ladies. I tackled some of those misrepresented Bible passages in Corinthians and Timothy that talk about women being silent in the churches and not being permitted to teach. Understanding the meaning of these texts is particularly liberating to the women raised in the many legalistic type churches, both orthodox and evangelical, in the country. The comment of one such well-educated young lady was, “I was struggling to even read a book or article written by a woman or listen to someone like Beth Moore because it had so been ingrained into me that women should be silent and not permitted to teach.” Kathy followed through with the more inspirational thoughts on our value as women in Christ and challenged women to become all that he has created us to be.

In Pitesti, Kathy prepared a session of crafts for the girls sheltered at Reaching Out, a home for victims of human trafficking. As they fan-folded colourful magazines into beautiful butterflies, they understood that their lives could also be transformed even as the caterpillar’s is. As they designed an intricate dove, they gained hope that their lives, too, could become pure and meaningful once again.
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Bath Tub Baptism

Dan: I’ve water baptized people in the Mediterranean Sea, in swimming pools even in plastic kiddie pools but this bath tub baptism was truly one of those awesome moments. Iana Matei, awarded for her fight against human trafficking and founder of the shelter, entered the room where the girls were busy doing crafts. “C.., do you still want to be baptized,” she asked? “Dan is a minister and he is willing to do it.” “Yes,” she immediately replied. “Me, too,” said M… emphatically raising her hand. “I’ve been waiting for a long time.” “And, I want to be, as well,” added B…
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[hr_invisible] These girls want so much to be loved, accepted, given hope. Often, they are not thought to yet be ‘good’ enough or to understand salvation enough in order to be received and take this step in a local church baptistery. But, after spending some time with the girls, it was evident that they believe in Jesus and want new life in Him. And so we moved to the upstairs bathroom, ran the water in the tub, listened as each girl expressed her desire to serve God and rejoiced with them as they took this step of faith. It was so powerful to see their response as they knew they were received, accepted and loved and have identity as a part of God’s family.

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