Bucharest, Romania
Arriving into the city of Bucharest late at night under the glow of the street lamps, we noted the greenness of the parks and the beauty of the boulevards lined with flowers in full bloom. The smell of ‘tei’ from the linden trees was in the air. Awesome! “Bucharest looks good!” we thought.

It takes, however, only a few days before one’s senses become dulled by the agitations of the city, the pressures, the challenges and needs of those who live in the city.

June: Bucharest International Church ministry at a glance:

  • Worship BICDaily one-on-one times of encouragement, strengthening, coaching of key young adults and couples participating in leadership activities
  • Frequent walks in the park with Pastor Cristi to discuss the joys, challenges and future ministry needs and strategies
  • Cristi and DanCelebrations of birthdays, school-end picnics, birth of a long-awaited baby
  • Good-byes to university students leaving for work and travel in America, Europe and throughout Romania
  • Welcome to an Iraqi couple, Christian believers for 1 year, who have found a new church home
  • Together, facing crisis: Supporting a couple from the Congo after their friend, staying in their home temporarily, jumped to her death from their 8th floor window

Anticipated babyManifest University picnic


SharingYoung people to States res

Nations Connect with Nations:

For the last 19 years we have benefitted from the effectual working environment that an International Church generates:

  • Attracts progressive individuals who are the future influencers of their nation and other nations
  • Allows greater liberty to share Biblical truths and Christian life-style in ways that can be understood and received by the emergent generation
  • Provides a wider context for ministry for the 40-50% of Romanians who have studied or worked outside the country or have relatives abroad and now look for a wider ministry context
  • Reflects the global picture of today’s world where an increasing number of internationals are living in every large European city and looking for connecting hubs around the world
  • Provides opportunity to utilize the strengths of each culture for a more effective whole
  • Missional in context – national and international people come to faith, are discipled and return to other cities and nations with the gospel message

Our Prayer Motto for this next season comes from 2 Samuel 5:20: Lord of the Break Through

  • Urgent Need for a Facility: Though appropriate property has been found and purchase offers placed, the Real Estate legalities are so lax that it has not been possible to secure the sale.
  • Ministry Workers: Young men and women from Romania and internationally are needed to come alongside the young adults and youth and to lessen the administrative load of the present ministry team.
  • Healthier Government: Pray that Romania will not return to a socialist government run by the protégées of the former communists.

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