Our Fall 4 weeks with the Salem Churches in Spain

‘Este el año’ – This is the year

Avilés, Northwest Spain

“Este es el año”, said 21-year-old Raquel as we shared lunch around the family table. “From the beginning of the year I just felt that this was the year and so many good things have been happening.” For us, this is such encouraging news. Maxi and Angela have dedicated themselves to plant a church in their region, with little response. In the last few months, following a community concert, new families have begun attending and they have since water-baptized 5 people. We were asked to participate in their Tuesday and Thursday mid-week gatherings. It was easy to engage with the 15 or so present and to see their eagerness to grow in their faith.


“The church base has never been stronger,” said Abraham, second generation pastor of the Salem Church in Barcelona. They, too, are experiencing growth. We shared the theme “Service and Commitment” with over 20 of their leaders on Saturday night in an interactive and responsive setting.


We felt humbled and gratified when, after sharing at the mid-week service, the church in Torrejón surprised us with a beautiful plaque honouring our 33 years of service with the Salem churches. This church, located close to the Madrid Barajas airport, was the first we attended when we came to Spain in 1986 and visited all the Salem works to see if this would be the group with whom God would have us minister. Entering the doors, we sensed a strong presence of God that brought tears to our eyes. It was affirmation that we had come to the right place. The same vibrancy of praise continues to be present among the congregation today.


Though we didn’t attend the main Madrid church this time, Mark and Kim, our son-in-law and daughter, have seen a growth of some 200 people in the last few months - the balcony, recently opened, is now 2/3 full and they are running about 1100 people on a Sunday morning.

This is the year!The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.” Psalm 126:3


Enjoy a short video clip of Paco and Dorcas, 2nd generation pastors of the Salem Church in Cordoba, who talk about welcoming the marginalized and their desire for greater unity and healthy relationships.