June 2022

10 years and still passionate about ministry!

Jesus Giraldo, pastor of the Bilbao church in the Basque region of northeast Spain, may be ten years more advanced in age and a little greyer than when photographer Luke Liable, now from Vancouver Island, toured the Salem churches with us and took the first photo in 2012. We have just spent a weekend with Jesus and his wife, Esther, and he continues to be passionate about discipleship, about worship, about reaching out to their city of Bilbao and to other neighboring communities of the challenging Basque region.

Maxi and Angela at the new Salem church site in Piedras Blancas

A fulfillment of perseverance and faith

After years of faithful service and hundreds of hours engaging with the community in specialty events, a growing church group is now established in the northeastern Cantabrian town of Piedras Blancas, or White Rocks, near the city of Aviles. A great opportunity to purchase a facility already conditioned for a church group became available and pastors Maxi and Angela, with the help of the Salem Association, have been able to complete the purchase and make this goal a wonderful reality.

Inspirational worship Córdoba

The presence of God is always so rich when we attend the Córdoba Salem church in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. Take a moment to listen to a few seconds of the Sunday morning worship time with Paco playing the guitar as Dorcas leads from the piano.

Following a Saturday evening Q&A "Getting to know you better", Dorcas honoured us with a diploma and a delicious jar of locally cultivated honey.

Varying waves of immigration: Carbello, Galicia

Attending a Tuesday evening home study with PAOC Global Volunteers, Raul and Lily, we heard so many stories among the group as they talked of a new life started in Galicia, northwest Spain. The congregation is presently composed of many Venezuelans, who left behind the crisis in their South American country, to find jobs, security, and an improved lifestyle for their families in Spain. Raul commented that in the 11 years since they moved to Galicia, they have basically pastored three waves of people: first those from Galicia, then from Latin America, and now Venezuelans.