Accomplishment, Yet Challenge Remaining

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In Process

In Process


Finally Finished

Finally Finished


Some years ago the Catholic archbishop of Madrid stated: “It is an indisputable fact that many people who live in Madrid today not only do not know the Gospel, but they live as though God did not exist.”
Pastor Marcos & Conchi

Pastor Marcos & Conchi

In this atmosphere the Madrid Salem church has achieved a remarkable accomplishment with the completion of their 1200 seat auditorium and multi-purpose building, opened the beginning of December. It is one of Madrid’s largest evangelical churches and gives the Salem congregation a large base from which they can continue to influence the city, the country, and even go beyond the Hispanic speaking world!

Madrid 2014 013

Mark, Kim & family

This accomplishment has only come with huge effort and many great challenges and opposition over the last 20 years. We’re delighted that our son-in-law, Mark, and daughter, Kim, have now settled into Madrid and are able to support and come alongside the Salem leadership as they move toward future challenges together.

Bringing In The New

Samuel & Vanessa

Samuel and Vanessa

Samuel and Vanessa moved from Madrid to Ponferrada 2 years ago to bring leadership to the Salem church as the founding pastors move towards a new chapter in their lives. We loved celebrating their new initiative, their second ‘Day of Thanksgiving’ – a wonderful North American tradition they have chosen to adopt.

The food, fellowship and expressions of thankfulness and joy for all God had done over the year made for a truly enriching evening. The new, young musical team provided an atmosphere for worship and when Mardie and 2 others finished leading the congregation in scriptural readings of thanksgiving, the people applauded as they recognized the power of God’s Word.

New Endeavours

Cordoba Tea FeliIt is always a joy to spend time with newly established pastors, Paco and Dorcas, in their church in Cordoba. The heart and quality of worship is inspirational and brings God’s presence. During their lovely ladies tea, founding pastor, Feli, encouraged the women to contribute Christmas boxes for ‘Operation Christmas Child’ – this year, for the first time, destined to bring greater joy, happiness and laughter for the needy children of Northern Romania – an ongoing and appreciated connection with the Salem Spanish churches and Romania.

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