Sunday Line Fellowship: Church in the Park

Church in ParkThough our usual time in Romania has been delayed this year, we have used the extra month to move forward the process of affiliating the ministry arm of Sunday Line Communications with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Two years ago, a group began in our home, grew into Pastor Roman and Pat Kozak’s home and then moved to the Sunnyside Community Hall in Bakerview Park of South Surrey, BC.

Sunday Line is the ongoing legacy of founders Bernice Gerard and Velma Chapman and continues their mission to “Care for Children Around the World”. International partners include Frank Juelich and Huldah Buntain in India, Watoto in Uganda, Beverley Sumrall and the feeding programs in Manila, boy’s prison camps in Russia with Great Commission Media and, locally here in Surrey, with the Metro Kids bus ministry.

Prayer: Please pray with us as we actively look for another couple to come alongside Roman, Pat and ourselves to bring a younger dynamic as well as to develop connections in the community that would grow the ministry.

60 Years of Ministry in India


Huldah Buntain just celebrated her 90th birthday and 60 years of ministry in India. She is still full of energy and passion to express the love of Jesus in tangible ways. Sunday Line will be contributing to the present project to provide a home and education for girls 5 years and under who have been born into the brothels of Calcutta. Also present during the “Church in the Park” Sunday morning service the last weekend of February were: Ken Dobson, CEO of Calcutta Mercy Ministries, Sunday Line board member, Don Winsor, and President, Owen Manuel with his wife, Lois.

Missions Fest Vancouver

Missions Fest Vancouver takes place during the last weekend of January. Along with general sessions, seminars and the film festival, over 200 booths from national and international mission groups are featured. “Under the Sails” at Canada Place, hundreds of people browse through the Exhibit Hall and Dan and I have the unique privilege of speaking with them as they pass through the Sunday Line booth.

Misssions Fest 2015 085Throughout the weekend, we look for those interactions where you feel you are making an eternal investment in someone’s life. One Grade 10 student came up to the booth excitedly on Friday evening, “I’ve been looking for you. I knew you would be here again this year. This is the most fun booth!” The young lady then proceeded to talk about how the speaker of the youth session helped her to realize, that, though she may not be the most intelligent or the most talented, yet God still has a significant place of service for her.

Saturday evening a young adult approached the booth, seemingly uninterested in what we were all about. When I began to present to her the various ways in which she could work with our mission partners to fulfill her dream, she came alive with enthusiasm.

Saturday Afternoon Highlight

Misssions Fest 2015 056The Watoto choir is known for their excellence and their enthusiasm is infectious. As the children visited our booth for a short while Saturday afternoon, people crowded the surrounding aisles to hear them. “Put your hope in God,” they encouraged us all before they sang, “Put your hope in His unfailing love.”

Family Updates

Mark and KimJust prior to Christmas, Mark and Kim transitioned from Armenia, where they have been for 13 years, to Madrid, Spain. As a 9 year old, Kim received her call to missions during the Easter celebration service in Madrid. Now, as an adult with children of her own, she and Mark will be working with the Salem group of churches in biblical and theological education and family ministries. Mark also acts as Eurasia region’s Education coordinator and Kim is responsible for Member Care in the region.

Stitched PanoramaJordan lives in New York and works as an architect for Toshiko Mori. The community arts center he designed during his Harvard studies has since become a reality in the village of Sintian, Senegal close to the border of Mali. Jordan 02As a pro-bono project, it has won a number of awards both nationally and internationally for the original design and the integration of local materials and building techniques. Along with photographers, journalists and others in the architectural team, Jordan will be present for the inauguration in early March.

Steph Dustin June 2014In August Dustin and Stephanie realized their dream to move from Philadelphia and relocate in Seattle, the beautiful North West. The mild winter has meant that they are hiking instead of snowshoeing, but still loving their exploration of the gorgeous area! Stephanie works as a nurse practitioner with a specialty in Geriatrics. Dustin continues with CB Richard Ellis in a contracted position as a financial analyst and leads a team of program developers on an innovative project for the company.

Dan’s Thoughts: Joseph, a fruitful vine

One of my favourite mission verses is found in Genesis 49:22 where Jacob says of Joseph, ‘’Joseph is a fruitful vine, a vine near a well whose branches run over a wall.’’ As Christians we all want to be fruitful for our Lord. And for me, in particular, the last 6 words of the verse, ‘’…whose branches run over a wall,’’ has always meant, leaving Canada again, going towards another opportunity for ministry in another country. For 29 years we have been going to Spain and 20 years to Romania so we eagerly look forward to these next months.

We leave for Bucharest April 15th to work with Cristi Soimaru and the International Church. May 11th through June 6th we’ll be working with the Salem group of churches ministering in the Canary Islands, Aviles in the Northwest and Sesena, just south of Madrid.

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