March Ministry: Armenia

Mr. Ararat 510
Spectacular Mt. Ararat as seen from Mark and Kim’s balcony

Doing the Right Things!

Steinfield familyMark and Kim continue to invest in the country of Armenia through Bible School education, leadership development, children’s ministry, encouragement and strengthening of church planters, family enrichment, humanitarian aid and creating a national vision for missions. Because they come alongside and serve the national and international community through hospitality, counsel and example, they have won their respect and confidence and are able to influence lives and situations.

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One professional couple from Uruguay who participated in the marriage and parenting sessions with Mark and Kim now want to take the Alpha Course. In 2 months they will be relocating to Bucharest. Pray with us that they will find a connection among our International Church family and further explore and understand their faith.
[one_half first]Village Pastors[/one_half]
[one_half]Village Ministry with local pastors and congregation just outside the city of Vanadzor[/one_half]

Community Care

Alyssa & Maddy WelcomeAlyssa and Maddy hosted the annual Easter party in their home this year so that more of their community friends would be comfortable attending – 20 children and 15 adults were present. In their opening talk, both girls welcomed their friends and their parents hoping that they would not only enjoy the day but would remember that Jesus died and rose again because He loves us so much.
Easter treasure hunt Bunny Hop! [one_half first]Treasure Hunt: Each station and clue relayed different aspects of the life of Jesus. One young boy exclaimed, “Mum, they’re telling the Easter story from the Bible.”[/one_half][one_half]Bunny Hop![/one_half]

Church Easter special (2)The International Church in Yerevan includes many medical students from India. For the 6 years they are studying, Mark, Kim, and lead pastors, Matt and Ella, disciple these young lives so that they return to their country with a strong understanding of their faith and purpose. Culturally, many of the professions and marriage partners of the Indian students are chosen by their parents. Perhaps for this reason we received such avid gratefulness for the teaching of the Network course: a discovery of spiritual gifts, personal style and passions for ministry. For once, the students were being encouraged to find their own place of service according to the uniqueness with which God created them.

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[one_half first][hr_invisible]Network Course: Discovery of Spiritual Gifts, Personal Style and Ministry Passion[/one_half]
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