April 2017


“Rezist” is the rallying name and focal point of the Romanian people’s current struggle against a Socialist governing party that would take Romania deeper into political chaos, instability and corruption.

The European Union and other “watch-dog nations” including Canada and the US have issued a statement to the Romanian government, “Do not take the country back to where it was.” Extreme government attempts by the socialist party to release from prison some 3,700 previously convicted politicians and government employees, along with numerous other attempts to weaken other judicial powers and laws, has brought hundreds of thousands of citizens to the streets in Bucharest and throughout other Romanian cities over the last 4 months to protest these attempts.

In daily demonstrations before government offices the Romanian people, young and old, protest in peaceful ways asking for change and for justice. The church, too, with many of its leaders, have been present in these demonstrations.

In discussions with church leaders, they have asked, “Pray with us that we will be strong to persevere in this daunting daily task and effort. Civic involvement is not enough; we ask for God’s favour, help and protection.”


Believing God for the Possibilities; Tenaciously Overcoming the Seeming Impossibilities

Just a few more details are needed to complete the girl’s shelter in South West Romania. Situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful vista below, this home will soon shelter young ladies, victims of human trafficking, and give them an opportunity to begin to rebuild their lives in this quiet and picturesque setting.

Are there obstacles for this to become a reality? Always, in a developing country such as Romania!

The local government is asking an exorbitant price for electricity to be brought to the house. Rather, Iana has chosen to go the way of long-term financial and ecological benefit and will add several solar panels and wind turbines. As her contractor has mentioned, this hillside plateau is an ideal site for this innovation.

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Please Pray:

  • For 20,000 Euros to bring electricity to the Craiova home.
  • That girls would be directed to this home who can benefit from the setting and program.
  • That social workers would be found who could speak positively into the girl’s lives. The government has recently increased wages making availability more difficult.

A Privilege and Honour to Serve

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BIC Worship Team

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Young Adult Workshop: Character & Ministry


It is a privilege to walk alongside wonderfully gifted and called young men and women who have placed their lives before God in service to Him. Challenges? Again, many! There is always time pressure, financial need, balancing secular work and church ministries, the ever changing dynamic of a city-center, international church community!

Pray with us for:

  • More men and women called and prepared to minister to the multiple opportunities both in the church community and the nation
  • Wisdom and ability to disciple, equip and motivate men and women in their gifts and calling
  • Strength, tenacity and encouragement for those in ministry leadership

Ioan Zalomit #8 Street

The Bucharest International Church moved to a new setting in January – just 2 blocks from the previous facility, the newly renovated City Hall and the historic Cismigiu Park. Though the facility is not as large as the prior one of the last 10 years, it also has its own stately charm. And, as with the last, it still has its difficulties: dealing with the local management, weekly set up, take down and storage of all the chairs and equipment, managing adult and children’s classes in a space separated only by an open archway.

Pray for:

  • Grace for those who so faithfully serve – are the first to arrive, remain for the English hour and the bi-lingual meeting and are then the last to clean up and leave.
  • Cooperation of the management to remain true to contractual issues

PERSONAL: As we meet with individuals and groups, most often the needs and concerns that we are faced with are of such a personal nature that we cannot write about them.

  • Pray with us for discernment and insight to respond with Godly wisdom.

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