Walking and Praying

Judicial BuildingIt was a tremendous privilege to join Bucharest pastors and church leaders on 2 prayer walks through the downtown core of the city. On the second prayer walk, though there was a heavy rain falling and it was cold enough to see your breath, the 2 hours were not difficult. On the contrary, the quality of the prayer time and the sense of purpose made it so good!  Pastor Cristi led us by key governmental and judicial buildings where we stopped to pray for the decision making leaders working inside. It was inspiring to pray as Jeremiah reminds us, ’’ Pray for the peace (Shalom) of the city where I have brought you,’’ Jeremiah 29:7

Family Heritage

Steve at Memorial SiteEurasia Regional Directors, Steve and Patti Hertzog, visited Bucharest for their first time in early September. Interestingly, Steve’s father was born here and, as a young man, miraculously was able to cross borders to freedom. Following an evening meal with Pastor Cristi and Carmen in Bucharest’s historic center, we took time to walk through the Jewish Memorial site so that he could reflect on his family history.

1st, 2nd’s, and 3rd’s!

Matthew & Lidia Child Dedication

Matthew & Lidia Child Dedication

Associate pastors Ruben and Rachelle have entered the brand new joy of first time parenthood with little Iuliana-Esther.

A special moment was dedicating Matthew and Lidia’s baby daughter and 4 year old son. Lidia first came to BIC as a teen 14 years ago, a friend to our youngest daughter. Later she moved to London, married and has now returned to Bucharest with her family.

BIC church deacons, Claudiu and Jennifer, look forward to the birth of child number 3 in a few months.

Ruben & Rachelle baby dedication with Claudia & Jennifer (left back row)

Ruben & Rachelle baby dedication with Claudia & Jennifer (left back row)


Harvest Fest 2016

Fun Together

What a great way to utilize the bountiful Fall Harvest in the agricultural area an hour to the southeast of Bucharest. Carloads of volunteers helped to clean, cut, pickle and bottle a literal ton of peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes for the needy of the area and, in Bucharest, for the Hagar House Maternity Care Center and Teen Challenge. The camaraderie was as rewarding as the full jars of produce!

Harvest Fest Group

Harvest Fest Group

It Takes Two!

Rural Driving

It takes two to drive the country roads in Romania; one to steer and one to navigate, one to manoeuvre around slow moving trucks, farm vehicles, dogs scavenging for road kill and one to call out road signs, spot police checks and check ahead for oncoming traffic in the dips or around the curves.

Pray with us for safety for ourselves and our colleagues as we travel to bring humanitarian aid in rural settings, to national conferences for teaching or for outreach to communities requesting help.

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