Novokuznetsk: Marriage Workshops

As we concluded the last marriage workshop session one of the ladies came to me, held my hands, looked into my eyes, and said, “You came just in time. You came just at the right time for our family.” Those words made our two weeks in Novokuznetsk, a mining city in Southern Siberia, worth every effort it took to travel there.

While we ate cake and celebrated the conclusion of the six sessions, the couples asked if we were first generation Christian believers. “No, we’re third generation,” Dan and I both said. Every individual at the table was a 1st generation believer, raised under the influence of communism, and many rescued from substance addictions but now living redemptive lives and assuming leadership roles in the church. “We have attended marriage seminars before,” they all said, “but we’ve never experienced a time like this when we can talk together about the topics introduced.”

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