White bldgs narrow streetsMartos, Jaen in Southern Spain

Oscar and Encarni have been faithful to minister in the town of Martos in the southern Andalusian region of Spain. Olive trees dot the hills as far as the eye can see and fill the air with a beautifully distinct and pungent aroma. White-washed houses and narrow, shaded streets become havens of respite when temperatures remain in the high 40 degrees centigrade throughout the summer months.

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Oscar and Encarni have been serving this region of 24,000 people for 16 years – involving themselves not only as pastors of the local Salem church but also taking an active role in the community. Oscar and Encarni are known and greeted by name as they walk down the streets. They have cared for the lonely neighbour when no one else was able to spend the night with him in the hospital, they have been surrogate parents for the youth of busy single parents, they have counselled distraught married couples, they’ve taught and inspired teens to pursue music and art.

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Oscar and Encarni have experienced many positive and also difficult times. “I have learned that God is always with us,” says Encarni, “Always! In the most difficult moments he speaks and when he speaks, everything changes.” Oscar adds, “I have learned that God has called us and that calling is so strong that it encourages us to move forward. If God has called us, He is here with us. He is always faithful.”

One of the great challenges of this region is that unemployment is well over 30%. Young people leave for better opportunities in the larger cities. Many immigrants have had to return to their nations of origin and families have been separated as a result.

Martos CongregationThe congregation has recently moved to new premises in a more visible location. Let us believe with Oscar and Encarni that, in this small city with its historic Catholic influence, their congregation will have opportunity for greater connection and influence in their community.

To watch a short video clip of Oscar and Encarni please visit our website: www.mactavish.blog.

Prayer for Ministry: March 13 – April 25


  • Working alongside Mark and Kim Steinfield as they continue in their endeavours to establish Christian and Bible College Education for the nation and bring leadership to the Yerevan International Church.
  • Looking forward to the Network Seminar: discovery of ministry passion, gifts and personal style.


  • Working with coordinating pastor Cristi Soimaru and the ministry leadership team of the Bucharest International Church (BIC).
  • Believing for needed wisdom and direction as BIC is on the verge of purchasing property/building for a much needed Activity Center.
  • Anticipating personal and seminar ministry times with Kathy Bousquet, former 8 year global worker returning with us to Bucharest for the month of April.
  • Bringing support to Iana Matei, her son Stefan, and the girls in the shelter rescued from human trafficking.

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