Aviles, Spain’s North Western Cantabrian Coast

Explosive Break-Through

As young people, Maxi and Angela often joined the teams that came from Madrid to help us with our developing church along the Mediterranean Coast in Alicante. Now, 25 years later, they are married, have 3 children, and are seeing their own mission become a reality. 8 years ago, following their call, they moved from Madrid to north-western Spain and then after 4 years to the northern Cantabrian Coast. Understanding the ardent resistance of the Spanish to anything not traditionally Catholic, they chose to influence their community for Christ through creative and interactive social means.

Their work has been intense, sometimes misunderstood and they have paid a high price to assume the challenge. Since November, however, doors of opportunity have swung wide open and they sense confirmation of their purpose and are greatly encouraged. Three schools have invited Angela to teach early childhood educational programs. Weekly, using stories and song, she is able to teach biblical values to 265 children and she is seeing the children respond with enthusiasm.

Renewed Energy

“In the last few weeks the Lord has allowed us to see how he has moved each one of the strings so that he is glorified in everything,” comments Maxi. “He keeps surprising us with new opportunities and relationships. And we, through his grace and love, are just the channels to bring influence to the community in which he has placed us.”
Believe together with us that Maxi and Angela will have the help and resources, wisdom, grace and love they need to effectively nurture these relationships and to realize their desire and goal for 2013: That Christ will be the center in each of these homes.

Enough of Violence!

On behalf of the women’s sector of the City Hall, Angela was asked to participate in the recent gathering of 5 local communities where 500 people gathered to rally against gender violence. The words and musicality of the choreographed song by Angela and her daughter encouraged women who continue to be silent victims of male violence.

New volunteers, impacted by recent community activities, are working with the children in after-school programs.

Care Center where Maxi and Angela engage with the Seniors.

To hear a short video clip from Maxi and Angela, please visit our website: https://www.mactavish.blog

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